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Multicultural Activities

7 Multi Cultural Crafts for Kids

As our children grow it is important to teach them about the world around them. Our children need to learn to appreciate different peoples and places.   We have heard from many parents who struggle with this. They are not sure where to begin when it comes to teaching their children multicultural lessons. We believe there’s no better way to introduce cultural traditions than hands-on activities and crafts. Here are a few great multicultural crafts for kids.

Birds of New Zealand

As the weather warms we will begin to see more and more birds enter our backyard feeders. This is a great time to learn about birds from other countries. This site has a huge collection of different hands-on crafts all about the birds of New Zealand.

Rainstick Instrument

Rainsticks are a fun and loud way to celebrate other cultures. The history of rain sticks is believed to have come from Chile. They were created with long, hollow cactus tubes and dried in the sun. Small pebbles were placed inside and the sound was like falling rain. This is believed to be used in ceremonies to bring in rain.

Japanese Cherry Tree

In much of Japan, cherry trees (Called sakua in Japan) come into bloom in April. This is also when a new school year starts for Japanese children, and businesses start their new year. Many people think of the cherry blossom as a sign of new beginnings. This is a fun craft for kids old and young, and even comes with book recommendations to continue learning!

Australian Aboriginal Boomerang

Learn about Australian art and aborigines with this multicultural activity. This craft requires simple household items and is a great activity to do as the weather warms. The kids can go outside and play with their new multicultural craft.

Kool-Aid Tie Dye 

This Kool-Aid tie-dye activity may remind you of the 60’s, BUT, the history of tie dye dates back to Pre-Columbian times and Peru. The time from is believed to be around 500-800 A.D. send you

The best part of this activity is that it can be easily made with simple household items. The finished tie-dye shirts will be vibrant and full of wonderful colors and designs. It’s a kid-friendly activity that never gets old!

Chinese New Year Fan

These Chinese Cherry Blossom Fans are a bright and simple craft that is perfect for the Chinese New Year OR a spring craft as we all celebrate the warmer weather. All you need is paper and paint!

Aztec SunDial 

Not only does the sun give us warmth and help plants grow, it can also be used to tell time! With this craft, your children will make a  sundial that really works! The history of the sundial comes from the Aztecs. They were brilliant people that taught us much of what we know about the Earth and the world around us. Your child will love learning more about the sun, life with the Aztecs and creating a working sundial.

Which multicultural craft for kids will you be making first?

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