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Foreign Languages for Kids by Kids® was created to give parents a fun and easy way for their children to learn Spanish.

Kit Strauss founded the program with her eldest son, Eli. Kit has a Law Degree from the University of Virginia and a B.A. from Cornell University. After Kit was unable to find quality foreign language programs for her three sons, she started creating her own with Eli. After years of creating language games and activities, and figuring out what worked and what didn’t, they had a vision of how to help other families enjoy and succeed learning foreign language. 

The program gives children three and up — and adults — the opportunity to speak and understand spanish in a short time. The words and sentences taught are practical and used in everyday life.

Our program is designed so that your kids will:

  • succeed in discovering another language
  • become enthusiastic about learning Spanish
  • have positive feelings about Spanish
  • have a good experience that will last a lifetime!

The Video Series incorporates a teaching style that Kit developed over a decade with her own children. It combines immersion with visuals – adding a good dose of humor and fun. Kit believes this makes it easier for students to retain what they learned. Painful memorization is not useful or fun.

The Video Series shows what Kit found to work with her own kids. And parents, who value foreign language learning, could set the stage for their children to enjoy learning languages throughout their lives.

The board game Dice Off™, challenges groups of kids to learn while they are having healthy, competitive fun.

Dice Off™ was developed out of Kit’s early experiences with her own children. She would make up games her children enjoyed. She also studied foreign language teachers and classes to find the most positive ways for kids to learn.

Foreign Languages for Kids by Kids®, is the culmination of years of studying and experimenting with the most positive and successful ways to learn Spanish.


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