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Cathy Duffy Review, 2014

The Dice Off™ game for students ages seven and up adds another layer of reinforcement that most students will really enjoy. Even adults who are learning Spanish might play this game...

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Parents’ Choice Foundation, 2013

Dice Off really does teach Spanish. It does not stop at nouns and pointing and naming things, but also teaches verbs and their conjugations. Basing the game around Spanish-speaking countries and keeping the tone of the cards fun and light make this a game kids will actually want to play. It is a playful way to teach Spanish vocabulary and grammar, and that is a very rare find.

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National Parenting Center, 2013

Many parents want to introduce a second language to their children but they don’t know where to start or what is age-appropriate. Dice Off uses a game setting, one that is easy to learn and really fun to play.

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