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Dice Off Board Game

Spanish Board Game
Dice Off Game Review Video
  • A unique dice board game providing an entertaining and easy way for families, friends, and classmates to learn Spanish.
  • Four colorful, different playing boards resemble Flight Manuals found aboard commercial airlines as they serve to guide the “flyers” as they learn.
  • Humorous challenge cards keep players alert and engaged.
  • Includes 4 levels of play as players build their Spanish vocabulary with 48 useful verbs and descriptive words as they act them act in creative and fun combinations.
  • Winner, 2013 GAME OF THE YEAR AWARD, Creative Child Magazine.
  • Awarded Parents’ Choice prestigious Silver Award.
  • Named BEST PICKS of 2013 by Dr. Toy.
  • Among the best Spanish learning games for kids.
Dr Toys – Best Picks 2013
Game of the year
Parents Choice Award Silver

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