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Who uses your Spanish program?

Our complete, online Spanish program is ideal for Spanish teachers and schools, as well as homeschools and individuals wanting their children to learn Spanish. Because the curriculum is customizable and the teaching methodology mirrors the way our first language is acquired, the program is suitable for students of all ages to build essential comprehension and speaking skills. Reading and writing and culture & geography is also covered.

Our Spanish program is used in the United States and internationally

  • in schools and enrichment programs;
  • by homeschool and individual families; and
  • in public libraries.

How does your spanish program work?

Students generally have their own individual online accounts but some teachers and parents (usually for younger children) will use one class account and do the program together. Students watch a short (usually 5-minute) immersive video of children speaking Spanish in a fun sit-com teaching practical, day-to-day Spanish. To practice and reinforce the Spanish taught in the videos, students can do any combination of the online activities:

  • Video challenges for speaking practice
  • Listening comprehension quizzes
  • Reading quizzes
  • Interactive worksheets for elementary and middle school students
  • Culture and geography (covering 8 Spanish-speaking countries)
  • Culture and geography quizzes

In addition, the online program includes a scorecard for each student and a gradebook for parents, teachers, and administrators to monitor and record student and class progress.

Are there physical products to supplement the online Spanish program? Can my children learn without going online?

Yes! Our Spanish program is all about choice so your students learn Spanish that works best for them and you. The Spanish program may be done completely online, completely offline with physical materials, or online using some physical, supplemental materials.

Individuals and homeschools

To do the program entirely offline, families purchase one of our bundles sold as sets in our shop, at a discounted cost. Students view the videos using our DVDs instead of online.

To do the program online, parents sign up for a monthly or yearly subscription and choose the number of student accounts.  All sign-ups include a 48-trial to try the program. Once the trial period ends, you will receive a discount code to use on any of our supplemental Spanish materials and games in our shop.

Teachers and Schools

Teachers and schools receive a free one-month trial of our online program. The trial includes one teacher account with up to 30 individual student accounts for one class.

Teachers and schools are required to purchase a license to use our online program, DVDs, and online or print workbooks. To get a quote, please email

Besides the online program, DVDs, and online and print workbooks, teachers and schools may directly purchase the other products in our shop to teach Spanish.

What kinds of Spanish materials do you have to supplement the online program or to use alone?

We offer a variety of materials for you to select from so that your children learn in a way that makes the most sense for them. Our products are sold in our popular sets and a la carte. The Spanish materials include:

  • DVD Sets of our our award-winning Spanish video series
  • Teacher Guides with detailed lesson plans
  • Student workbooks with Spanish language and culture and geography activities
  • Card sets and games to get students speaking Spanish while having fun
  • Sticker sets used to put around the home or class as easy vocabulary reminders
  • Listo, a bingo-style Spanish game for non-readers based on Levels 1-3
  • Coloring Books, for non-readers based on Levels 1-3
  • Dice Off, an active board game teaching common Spanish verbs and adverbs
  • Stuffed animals, our favorite dogs Grande and Pequeña and our mascot, Squisher, the international inchworm

What Spanish content is taught?

The program teaches day-to-day Spanish conversation that is meaningful and relevant to students.

Vocabulary Topics Covered

The program focuses on developing strong comprehension and speaking skills. Basic reading, writing, and grammar skills are also taught but are not required to use the program.

The video lessons teach through kids using Spanish in humorous stories based on real life events.  The videos develop comprehension skills and train the student’s ear to Spanish quickly. The online curriculum includes listening comprehension quizzes which motivate readers and non-readers alike.

Students develop speaking skills through the online program and/or through the hands-on games and activities detailed in the Teacher’s Guides. There are a variety of different games and activities to choose from, depending on the number of, ages, and interests of students, such as team games, skits, card games, and many more.

Students build reading skills through the print or interactive activity/workbook sheets, online reading quizzes, card games, and other hands-on activities detailed in the Teacher’s Guides.

Pre-school and early elementary students can also apply what they learn from the videos through the art, drama, and active activities in the lesson plans. They also enjoy the Listo game, coloring book, and card games and love the plush animals that go with the dogs from the videos, Grande and Pequeña.

What ages is your program for?

Since the video series is based on learning the way we acquired our first languages, the videos are intended for children as young as 3 up to any age, including adults. We have many parents and grandparents tell us how much they are enjoying learning Spanish! The workbooks are for students can read well.

Is your Program easy to use?

No matter how good a program, if it is hard to implement and use, parents and teachers will become frustrated and stop using it. Since most of us have too little time and too much stress in our lives, a successful program must be easy to use and implement. To that end, we have done our best to make a program that is truly easy to use for parents, teachers and students. The videos series is the heart of the program and students can use it on their own with no other reinforcements and learn very much. We offer a variety of supplemental products, such as coloring books, workbooks, card games, stickers and board games so parents and teachers can choose what works best and interests their students.

What makes this program different from others?

Our goal was to create a program that would teach children language in a way that developed their confidence and inspired them to enjoy learning foreign language. We worked for five years to create, develop and complete our video series to its full effectiveness. Many companies use still pictures or animation to sell their products in multiple languages. While more profitable, we believe that nothing is more authentic and effective than seeing real people using the language. In addition, using language in fun stories kids can relate to works very well with students. Finally, seeing and learning from other kids has an incredible appeal to children, engaging and motivating them in an uniquely effective way.

In the past, we have used an online language program and were not terribly impressed with it.  I did not feel that the children were learning or retaining anything from the lessons and honestly, if I were to ask them anything in regard to those lessons, they stare at me like I have a third eye.  This Spanish program is different!!  It’s engaging, it keeps the kids interested and they are even using what they are learning outside of school time. In the few weeks that we have been using this program, I can say that I am VERY impressed.  My oldest daughter has taken Spanish in public high school and I can honestly say that the kids have learned the language much faster and efficiently in a couple of months than that she has in a year of instruction." – Counting Pine Cones

Why immersion?

We believe that immersion with visual cues and clear context is the best and most natural way to learn a new language successfully.

The video dialogue is 100% Spanish (except for the introduction) with an eight-episode sitcom-type series written and filmed specifically to teach practical conversational Spanish to beginners. It uses a gradual and progressive building block immersion which is reinforced by the context of the stories and ubiquitous visual cues. Featuring only kids, the series starts at breakfast at 8:00 a.m., proceeding through the day with events children relate to, such as birthday parties, soccer games, play dates, getting ready for bed, etc. and ends at bedtime at 8:00 p.m.

By watching familiar situations in various scenarios, children pick up the meaning of the Spanish words and phrases through context not translation.

I have children of different ages. Can they all do the program?

Absolutely. One of the wonderful benefits of this program is that your children can all do their lessons together, no matter what their ages. You may need to choose different supplements for your children depending on their ages, but the core video program will work for everyone. We have heard from some parents that their high school students resist doing the program at first, complaining it is too juvenile for them, but soon they realize how fast they are learning and that this is a fun way of learning.

I had thought that the children that would get the most out of this curriculum would be my 9 and 11 year old boys and while they have learned a lot, my 5 and 7 year old girls have really taken off with it!  I cannot believe how much they have learned and how quickly. I hear them talking in Spanish all the time, using the vocabulary they have learned so far." – The Happy Homeschool Mom Review

How do I teach Spanish if I don’t speak the language?

This program was specifically created for parents who do not speak Spanish. We understand it can be uncomfortable to try to teach a language you do not know. Our program is designed so that it can be used without knowing even a single word of Spanish. What’s more, many tell us that they learned Spanish right along with the students and enjoyed it every step of the way.

Can I ask for a refund if the program doesn’t work for us?

We are proud of our 100% product guarantee. Our goal was to create an outstanding product for student to learn and we want our parents and students to be happy with our program.  If you are not for whatever reason, you may return your products within 45 days for a full refund. Please see our return policy.

What is in the Teacher Guides?

The Teacher Guides provide a step-by-step guide to using the program with detailed lesson plans doing all the work for you. Each guide includes all the vocabulary taught in each lesson, which videos will be watched, and several hands-on, optional activities to choose from to reinforce the video lessons.

We highly recommend trying the first Teacher Guide, which also includes useful information about using the program and getting the most out of it.

This program is so easy to use!  You can watch the DVD and learn a lot of words and phrases and how to use them.  But if you implement the lesson plans included in the Parent-Teacher Guides you’ll learn much more and gain a greater understanding of the language! – As We Bloom

What is the Dice-Off Game?

Dice Off® is a Board Game designed to teach useful verbs and adverbs in an active, hands-on way. Some examples of the vocabulary taught is: Jump to the right; swim fast, drive backwards.It is a nice change of pace in the curriculum and many families enjoy having a lesson using a game every few weeks. Dice off® is included as an optional activity in the lesson plans set forth in the Teacher Guides.  If your family enjoys learning through games, you may want to consider using Dice Off® along with the videos.

Do you teach other languages than Spanish?

We are often asked what languages we offer besides Spanish. Our next language will be Mandarin Chinese. We have filmed all the material and are in the editing  process, which will likely take another year. If you are interested in our Mandarin program, kindly please check back with us.

What topics are covered in your program?

The program has eight levels. It begins with a family at breakfast and ends at bedtime. It is designed to cover conversation in day-to-day life. It uses a building block approach so that words, phrases and shorter sentences are used at first and then incorporated into full sentences and paragraphs in the later levels.

Topics covered:

  • Foods and Drinks
  • Eating at a restaurant
  • Clothing
  • Basic numbers
  • Days of the Week
  • Months of the Year
  • Seasons
  • Weather
  • Getting ready for Bed
  • Common Activities, such as sports, cooking, playing the piano, being on the phone, computer, doing homework, etc.
  • Personal and some possessive pronouns
  • Colors and Animals
  • Objects around the Home
  • Common questions and answers, such as How are you, How old are you, What are you doing, etc.
  • Some professions
  • Common verbs, adverbs and adjectives


Your membership includes full access to our entire Spanish video series as well as to our interactive quizzes and workbooks. When we have new content, such as new videos or games, we add it to the online Membership.

Is your Online Spanish Program compatible with smartphones and tablets?


Is there a trial option for me to experience the program first?

Yes. We offer a 48-hour free trial of the online Membership and you can cancel anytimein the 48 hours without being charged.

What are the online Quizzes?

There are currently two online Quizzes for each level with a third being added soon:

Quiz One assesses listening skills. No reading is required so younger children can do these. Try the Quiz Demo (link)

Quiz Two assesses reading skills. Try the Quiz Demo (link)

Quiz Three (in English) covers the culture and geography section of the workbooks.

What do the Workbooks cover?

Each workbook contains two sections:

Language Practice contains a variety of activities for students to apply and practice the Spanish they are learning from the videos, such as:

  • Crossword puzzles, word finds, secret messages
  • Write a postcard, create a birthday party invitation, and create a menu
  • Performs skits using portions of actual scripts from the videos

Culture and Geography contains fun and light material teaching culture and geography in a variety of ways, such as:

  • Geography in a Jiffy and Fast Facts may discuss alpacas vs. llamas, Paddington the Bear, unusual New Year’s Eve and Birthday traditions, and much more
  • Idioms in an Instant feature a few humorous or interesting idioms from certain countries, for example, ,,,, (meaning, throwing the house out the window when too much is spent on a big party or celebration)
  • A Comic by Squisher®, the International Inchworm, teaching culture indirectly, through his light-hearted adventures with his friends.

I minored in Spanish during college, and I was completely impressed with the amount of Spanish that is presented in these workbooks…and – it was fun too! – Mom of Many

I really appreciated how complete yet flexible the lessons in the curriculum guide are.  As we continued working through the lessons, the kids had a lot of fun using the sticker set and placing them on things and people around the house and they liked working through the workbooks included in the Starter Set.  In fact they were enjoying the workbooks so much I had to stop them from working too far ahead. – A Glimpse of Normal

Does my membership include the physical products?

The online program does not contain our physical products, which are the Teacher Guides, Flashcards and Card Games, and the Sticker sets. We do offer a digital package which includes these products to our members at a significantly reduced price. In addition, once you are a Member, you will receive a coupon code for 15% off of any of our regularly-priced products.

Is the DVD content the same as online?

Yes and no.

The DVDs contain the videos for all eight levels. Earlier editions of the DVDs contain the video stories in their entirety. Our most recent DVDs, released in April 2017, as well as the Online Program, contain the video stories in their entirety and also additional video lessons, which show the stories broken down into shorter lessons with reviews.

The Online Program also has two to three interactive quizzes for each level and all of our workbooks in an interactive format.


How can I log-in to my member account?

Once your account has been activated:

  1. Go to our website:
  2. Click Members Tab and you will see the drop down in the Members Tab.
  3. Key-in your username and password

I am putting my username and password and it is not letting me in

If you are putting your correct information, kindly clear your cache and cookies or delete your browsing history as these are the normal reasons for not letting you in. However, if it is still not working, don’t hesitate to contact us at 301.299.8000or email us at or and we’ll be happy to get in touch with you asap!

How do I cancel my subscription?

You can cancel your subscription with us anytime.
Once logged in, click on your name > my account -> Change My Subscription -> Cancel. You will not be charged for any new subscription periods.

Can I refund my money if I cancel within the subscription period?

We do not refund prorated amounts of cancellations within the subscription period.



If for any reason you have a coupon code or promotion code that is not working on the website, please visit our help desk and submit a ticket. We will get back to you as quickly as possible.

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