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Students learn Spanish successfully at home or at school, with or without a Spanish teacher
Workbook 4 230×300

Workbook, Level 4



The Workbooks include:
Language Activities, to reinforce and expand upon the Spanish taught in the videos, such as:
  • Crosswords, Word Finds, Secret Messages, Matching, Fill in the Blanks;
  • Creating Restaurant Menus, Birthday Invitations, Letters;
  • Mini-Scripts from the video to act out skits for parents and end of year shows; and
  • So Much More!
Culture and Geography (optional)
Each workbook includes a Culture and Geography section about a different Spanish-Speaking country. This section contains light and fun cultural material:
  • A Gust of Geography
Some basic and useful geographical facts for students.
  • Fast Facts
Fun facts about a different culture presented in a way to engage children.
  • Idioms in An Instant
Fun idioms that will make students laugh and may lead to an interesting discussion.
  • Squisher Comic
A comic teaching language or culture in an entertaining narrative.
Countries covered: Peru, Colombia, Costa Rica, Panama, Chile, Argentina, Spain, and Mexico
Note: Our standard Workbooks include an Answer Key in the back. If you prefer that your students do not have an Answer Key in their Workbooks, we also sell our workbooks without Answer Keys (we will provide Answer Key to you digitally). Please contact us if you prefer Workbooks without Answer Keys.
For ages 7+ and strong readers


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