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Welcome to Spanish with Foreign Languages for Kids by Kids! Our goal is to provide teachers and schools with resources to help them inspire and engage their students while at the same time meaningfully build students’ skills and confidence with Spanish. The program is structured so it can be used by Spanish teachers and teachers who don’t speak Spanish. This provides schools an opportunity to offer a Spanish program when they don’t have the budget for a full-time or even part-time Spanish teacher.


Our entire eight-level curriculum, along with all its learning activities, is connected to an ongoing, thematic story. The story is presented through short video lessons of kids speaking Spanish in life-like events that are common in children’s everyday lives but with a fun twist added in. With each video, teachers choose from a variety of online and hands-on learning activities to reinforce the material.


The program was designed to give schools and teachers flexibility. It has a complete online curriculum for students to work independently in class or in a language lab with their work saved and recorded. Teachers may also use the online curriculum together as a class.  Teachers then have the choice to add any of our hands-on activities to reinforce the material with a multi-sensory approach customized for their students. For schools that prefer or need offline learning, we also have a complete physical, product-based curriculum as an option.


Program emphasis is teaching students to understand and speak day-to-day Spanish conversation

The program focuses on developing strong comprehension and speaking skills. Basic reading, writing, and grammar skills are also taught but not required to use the program.

Reading and writing

Online, students build reading and writing skills with the reading quizzes and interactive activities. Offline, students develop reading and writing skills with our print workbooks and the hands-on activities included in the lesson plans.

Culture & Geography

We believe that an important part of learning Spanish is also understanding the people and culture connected to the language. Our program includes an optional culture and geography unit for teachers who have the time to cover this material. These units include fun facts and idioms for eight Spanish-speaking countries (Peru, Colombia, Costa Rica, Chile, Panama, Argentina, Spain, and Mexico). Each unit also has a comic about the experiences of a group of friends from different places around the world and emphasize kindness and acceptance. These comics are typically read and discussed together as a class.


Our Spanish curriculum is appropriate for all beginning Spanish students. The curriculum has ample content for younger, non-reading students as well as more challenging and age-appropriate material for older students. Since our teaching approach is similar to how our first language is acquired, the program is makes it easier and more natural for students of all ages to build essential comprehension skills. Speaking skills are  developed more spontaneously and automatically through the hands-on activities and games.

Preschool and elementary school students learning Spanish

Many teachers and parents use our program for their preschool and elementary school students. Typically, the program is used as a full curriculum but it can also be a supplemental or parallel curriculum used with another program or materials. Since our program can be facilitated by a teacher or supervising adult who does not know Spanish, it provides a unique opportunity for preschools and elementary schools to offer a Spanish program when they can’t afford a Spanish teacher or have difficulty finding one in their area.

Middle and high school students learning Spanish

For beginning Spanish students, schools use our program for their middle school students in their language labs, as a full or supplemental curriculum. Because of the quality and effectiveness of our video series, Spanish teachers and tutors also use the video portion of our program as a supplement for their high school and even adult students.


Schools and teachers purchase our Spanish program through an annual or multi-year license. Since the program is customizable, schools and teachers choose and pay only for what they will use. Our prices are competitive and we nearly always find a way to work within a school or individual teacher’s budget.

If you would like to discuss your needs with us or are interested in a brief walk-through of the program, please email or call us.

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To see the topics we cover in each level of the program, take a quick peek at the Quick Peek Chart!


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