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Learning Spanish

Spanish Tutoring

If you are looking for a Spanish tutor to come to your home to help with your Middle or High School Spanish Classes, our teachers are native-speakers, many with University degrees, nationally screened, and great at what they do. Currently, our teachers are located in the Greater Washington, D.C. area. To learn more, call us or email Jeanette at

Home Spanish Clubs

For a Group: A very fun option for children are our Home Spanish Clubs, where a group of children meet at a home (or rotate homes) with one of our teachers. These are absolutely fantastic for preschool and elementary school groups and in our view, a great investment for your kids. We will create a Club for any size group but parents will save more with larger groups. Six to twelve children is ideal. Typically, the coordinator receives a 50% discount or free tuition for one child. We perform national background checks on all of our teachers.

For Children in a Family: We offer wonderful personalized, home programs for children to learn Spanish or Chinese at home. We speak with you about your children’s learning styles and the activities they enjoy, such as sports, reading, music, dolls, playing dress up, cooking, reading, etc., and incorporate those activities into a program learning Spanish or Chinese with one of our dynamic teachers at your home.In our experience, this is much more productive, fun, and cost-effective than hiring a Spanish babysitter or tutor. We perform national background checks on all of our teachers.

To learn more about these wonderful programs, please call 301.299.8000 or email

Spanish for Adults

Adults can learn with us too in a fun, non-stressful way! For many reasons, adults way want to learn Spanish, but do not want to add extra stress into their day. We teach in a way that is guaranteed not to be painful or stressful! If you are interested in an adult program to learn Spanish, please contact call 301.299.8000 or email


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